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Eat better, save money, reduce waste: can we really do it all?

Americans spend on average less than 7% of their income on food, and this is not good news. Cheap food -or, to put it better, food made cheaply- is not … Continue reading

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My Rage About “Real Women”

Source: My Rage About “Real Women”

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Gathering Waters By Shea Howell

Originally posted on The Boggs Blog:
Thinking for ourselves By Shea Howell ¬†Gathering Waters May 31, 2015 While the Michigan corporate elite gathered on Mackinac Island to congratulate themselves for…

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Why I loved–and left–Detroit

Originally posted on minehahaforman:
Detroit is a bad city. I mean, Michael Jackson bad. Urban Dictionary bad. I love the country feel of the East side because it reminds me…

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I Can’t Hide Mine, Please Don’t Hide Yours: An Open Letter to Ben Affleck

Originally posted on Afroculinaria:
Dear Ben, Its unfortunate because of a massive internet hack we are in this particular place discussing your ancestral past. It’s horrible that your private matters…

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The biggest source of plastic trash you’ve never heard of

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Pesticide Drift and the Politics of Scale

From Sociological Images, on the fight for a cleaner agriculture… Pesticide Drift and the Politics of Scale.

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The Tomato Tariff: The Politics of Fruits and Vegetables

The Tomato Tariff: The Politics of Fruits and Vegetables.

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Global Food Security Governance: Civil society engagement in the reformed Committee on World Food Security

My friend Jess Duncan just came out with her new book. Congratulations!

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F4 = 3 := Principles for Gardeners, Cooks, and Sociologists, or the art of composting

Gardens mirror our culture: what we grow reflects our worldviews, our memories, and our hopes. One plant reminds us of our beloved grandmother, another reflects our¬†current fascinations. Then there are … Continue reading

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