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growing, cooking, eating, and thinking…

blog policies

General policies


This is a common space. It’s free. Take care of it.

Reflections on food is the personal blog of Erica Giorda (brugorosa). Contents are licensed under the Creative Commons License (non commercial 4.0 international) – restrictions may apply.

I’m not the best photographer, but I aim at using my own pictures the most in this space. If there is no source, you can assume the picture is mine. If you want to use it, please cite the source.

These policies are not static, and will be revised from time to time as the blog and the blogosphere evolve.

Blog comment policy

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and peruse the policies.

Reflections on food is a non moderated blog, and comments are welcome. My own time, however, is limited: please do not expect a prompt answer.  On my side, I expect you to be courteous and appropriate. Posters are responsible for their comments: please provide a valid email address when posting. (It does not to have you primary email, though.)

I like discussion and strong opinions, and blogs are for ranting anyway, yet I will delete comments that:

  • Are racist, or in any way defamatory of other people.
  • Contain name-calling or personal attacks.
  • Contain hate speech of any kind.
  • I deem profane, obscene or vulgar.
  • Contain promotional materials or personal information.

Remember the Internet is a very public space. Once you post something, you have no control over who is going to see it. Even when I delete a comment, someone might have seen it already.

Please be aware of copyrights. I strongly support open source and creative commons standards: make sure you have the rights to what you post, and cite sources as appropriate.

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