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Why I loved–and left–Detroit

From Belize to Detroit and back… a fascinating story.


Detroit is a bad city. I mean, Michael Jackson bad. Urban Dictionary bad.

I love the country feel of the East side because it reminds me of home. I love the stylish realness of the West side because it reminds me what I left home to experience. I love being in a city full of black people where I can walk into a room, a bar or a party and not feel the heft of an entire race on my shoulders.

Detroit gave me a profound service that perhaps no other city could: it taught me that agriculture is cool and that black is beautiful. When I was 14 I left my family farm so that I could go to school and escape the fate of being a lowly small-scale farmer in the bush (by small scale I’m talking less than 100 acres).  In Belize, like anywhere in the world, farming is…

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