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F5 = 5 := Frames


Frames dictate and define how we see what we see. The crucial issue for the sociologist is to understand who decides which frames we are supposed to use… and for the photographer is to have a steady hand and open eyes. I took this picture half hanging from a fence that protects the pathway that runs on top of the Yellowstone Canyon. I was trying to make my daughter look at the lichens and the other little plants that grew in the cracks of the bark of the pine whose branches created the frame in the forefront, and she said she was more interested in the magnificence of the larger scenery. The picture tries to convey the idea that to perceive and represent depth we need to look also at what is close. I liked the contrast between the very earthy colors in the front and the blue of the river in the back.

Although the pine branches formed a frame, they were not there to provide one: frames are relational structures humans create to understand and create meanings. The idea of nature itself is but a frame –a conceptual structure- we use to understand our reality.

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