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F5 = 5 := Reflexivity


The concept of reflexivity, as developed by Giddens, refers to one of the processes by which people in contemporary societies shape their lives by taking up trends while at the same time reshaping those trends. I took pictures of some of the dishes I prepared last year for the Christmas dinner, and I was attracted by the screening effect of the plastic wrap I was using. It became a way to manifest my ambivalence towards the omnipresence of food pictures. The wrap masks the food, pointing to the fact that sharing pictures of food is not like sharing the real thing and allowing for a bit of mystery about the recipe. Following what my research is about and how the rhetoric of the local food discourse is currently played, I could talk of the local provenance of the eggs, the herbs from the garden, or the traditional recipe I used. I am ambivalent toward these tropes, as on the one hand they do refer to values that can bring change to the currently unsustainable food systems. On the other hand, they can also sustain fairly elitist perspectives, and become a vehicle for the defense of privileges and existing power structures. The wrap and the close frame are a way to convey the idea that the discourse around food is fuzzy, and it needs to be approached discerningly.

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