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F5 = 5 := Gardening, Cooking, and Sociological theories


I garden following some fairly abstract principles. A garden is already a very specific representation of a large set of beliefs the gardener holds on what is proper, what is beautiful, and how to manage her piece of land. It is not unusual for gardeners to try and embody some very specific cultural theories in their landscape. In many a case, it is mostly about following what is the local custom. In recent years, people who tried to break the unspoken (or sometimes written) rules of what is proper to grow in suburban yards in Michigan have got occasional trouble. In 2011, a Oak Park resident received a citation from the city because she had planted a vegetable garden in her front yard.

I work in the garden with some theoretical principles and beliefs, trying to keep a light hand and don’t plant anything that is too disruptive of local customs, while at the same time introducing features that could make my little piece of land a friendlier environment for passing birds and swarming insects, and possibly make passersby take a second look.

Concepts that interest me in the sociological realm find their little mirror image in the way I plan the garden and take pictures.

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