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The Fibonacci Sequence


Fn = Fn-1 + Fn-2

As a symbol of my mannerisms, and my background in computer sciences, I decided to adopt a famous recursive function as the guiding structure for this project.

Recursive functions are powerful because they manifest how from the repetition of a very simple set of instructions complexity emerges. At the same time, there is no visual clue to the function itself of how an image generated on the basis of that function shall look like. [6]

Each number in the Fibonacci sequence the sum of the two preceding numbers. If a graphic representation is built using each number as the side of a square, as in Figure 0, it becomes visible that there is a direct relationship between the Fibonacci numbers and the golden ratio, with the golden ratio being the limit of the ratio of successive terms in the Fibonacci sequence. The golden ratio spiral is a constant companion of gardeners, as the plant world is very fond of it.

The spiral is also a powerful visual representation of how we build our current selves on our previous selves, and while we slowly distance our present from our past, we go back and circle around it.

Following the spiral I picked photographs to represent things, themes and people that are relevant to my life and my research.

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