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My Rage About “Real Women”

Source: My Rage About “Real Women” Advertisements

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Gathering Waters By Shea Howell

Originally posted on The Boggs Blog:
Thinking for ourselves By Shea Howell  Gathering Waters May 31, 2015 While the Michigan corporate elite gathered on Mackinac Island to congratulate themselves for…

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Why I loved–and left–Detroit

Originally posted on minehahaforman:
Detroit is a bad city. I mean, Michael Jackson bad. Urban Dictionary bad. I love the country feel of the East side because it reminds me…

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I Can’t Hide Mine, Please Don’t Hide Yours: An Open Letter to Ben Affleck

Originally posted on Afroculinaria:
Dear Ben, Its unfortunate because of a massive internet hack we are in this particular place discussing your ancestral past. It’s horrible that your private matters…

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Indigenous vegetables are on the rise in Kenya.

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The biggest source of plastic trash you’ve never heard of

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F5 = 5 := Frames

Frames dictate and define how we see what we see. The crucial issue for the sociologist is to understand who decides which frames we are supposed to use… and for … Continue reading

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F5 = 5 := Non-human agency

In the garden as well as in the field a multiplicity of actors intervenes to create the landscape we live in. Honoring non-human agency is an easy task for the … Continue reading

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F5 = 5 := Reflexivity

The concept of reflexivity, as developed by Giddens, refers to one of the processes by which people in contemporary societies shape their lives by taking up trends while at the same … Continue reading

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F5 = 5 := Embeddedness

Embeddedness is an abstraction that speaks to connections: the ones we know and accept, we cherish or loathe; the ones we are not aware of; the ones we want or … Continue reading

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